Author Interview: Elle Vanzel

Elle Vanzel is a happily married, curvy experimenter who has always wanted to write erotica. Her stories are a mix of her experiences, fantasies, and research

Are you self-published or published?

I’m self-published by choice and have not even attempted to seek an agent or publisher. That would require giving up too much control! If you are not a full-time writer, do you/have you had a day job? I am the owner of a successful marketing firm and I’ve ghostwritten 30+ non-fiction books.

What effect has your life had on what you write?

I’m every bit as dirty and naughty in real life as my characters are in my books. 

Does writing energise you or wipe you out?

Writing energizes me and excites me. Crafting stories and experiencing that moment where the characters come to life and begin influencing the direction of the story never grows old. 

What’s the most challenging aspect of writing?

For me, it’s having the brain space to do it. Since I’m not yet able to write full time, the pressures of life sometimes interfere.

What’s your writing process? Are you an early bird or a night owl?

My process for writing erotica is to start with a scene. I start the writing with the scene most prevelant in my mind for the character’s experience and then flesh it out. I’m definitely a morning person!

Are you a panster or a planner?

100% panster, although as I’ve gotten to know these characters better new ideas will come to mind that I pretty much have fully fleshed out before I ever get to the point of writing. 

What does success look like to you?

I hold no unrealistic expectations about becoming the next best selling author, but when I get someone messaging me that they’ve read my books multiple times, have to read them alone, have to take breaks while reading to “get some relief” then I feel very successful. 

How do you market your books?

I have a website ( and use social media. I also rely on The Indie Bookstore

Tell us about your latest book/work

I’m currently putting the final touches on the third book in the ElleVentures series, The Training. This book is the longest of the three and has offered me new challenges, which I’ve enjoyed working through. I’ve also started work on Inside Elle,  a more autobiographical account of my real-life sexual adventures.

Find out more about Elle and her work by clicking HERE

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