The Way Beneath The Wood

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Fairies, fauns, ogres and other shadowy creatures from the dark, pagan past begin to haunt Nick as he pursues the promise of a property fortune.

His greed and hunger for revenge are subtly twisted by their manipulations, bringing a dark cycle that has repeated itself for centuries to its final conclusion, and bringing Nick to the brink of murder and madness… or perhaps redemption.

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Author:I F G O'Donnell

IFG O’Donnell conjures the spirit of the masters of fantasy horror from the late 19th and early 20th century in this surprising, magical and intense literary tale.

The Way Beneath The Wood is a twisting and turning modern fable of the English countryside in which the characters, haunted by shadows of the past and by sinister presences from folklore and myth, are unwittingly drawn into a cycle of envy, lust, fear and revenge that has repeated itself over many centuries.

Nick schemes to win back Hazel’s affections by sending her pages sliced from a curious old book. When the strange stories from the book begin to overshadow and overtake his life, Nick becomes unwittingly entangled in the mysterious events of centuries before, and soon his entire family is engulfed by the dark secret surrounding Wychwood Hall. In mortal danger from subtle, hidden forces, and at risk of losing everything he has fought for, Nick must confront his own demons as he strives to uncover the strange truth.

1 review for The Way Beneath The Wood

  1. V Rowe

    Loved this book! Had got it on recommendation of a friend and was surprised and delighted by how cleverly woven between past and present its storylines were. More complex – and rewarding – than your average thriller / horror. Not one for normally giving 5 stars but this book earned it!

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