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You want to be a writer. Right?

Great. But you can see a few problems ahead.

First, it all seems too daunting. You’re not sure that you’re good enough to be taken seriously. You’ve got some great ideas floating around your head but you’re not convinced that people would want to read anything you’ve written.

Then there’s the problem of actually writing. Where do you even start? What software do you use? How do you even publish it as a book? How do people actually do that?

And then there’s the problem of actually getting people to read it. After all your hard work, how do you go about getting visibility? How do you get complete strangers to buy your book?

It can all seem a bit too much.

Believe me, I know.

I’ve been there.

For more than 20 years, I wrote in secrecy because I was too embarrassed to show my work to anyone. I was convinced that people wouldn’t even take a second look at my writing. Yet I still envied those who had managed to publish their work and get paid for it. I know how it can feel.

But that’s why I’m here now. I’m offering you free guidance to help you become a better writer. I’ll give you free tips on how to build your audience and sell more books. I’m giving you 15 years of experience to help you achieve your dream of becoming a writer.

And why should you listen to me? Well, back in 2012, one of the books I was writing in secret was discovered and won a national award. I’ve since gone on to win national awards, both for my writing and my social media work.

In the last 15 years, I’ve also built up a combined social media following of over 250,000 followers. I’ve topped the Amazon charts – one of my books was the #1 blogging book on Kindle for over three and a half years!

I’m also promoting books professionally to over 100,000 followers via my Indie Book Store – a virtual indie bookstore that I created from scratch during the pandemic.

In addition to my free advice, you can also become an official Member for just $20 a month, where I’ll be sharing exclusive advanced, in-depth content, free downloads, plus personal ongoing support for your own books and social media marketing via email or chat. ‘Always learning’ is my motto!

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