Caribbean Queens

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Drag queens, Autumn Goldleaf and Cookie La Ruse become embroiled in a murder in the Caribbean.

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Author:Stephanie Dargon Luce

After a harrowing escape from a pair of crazed killers while in Wisconsin, Autumn Goldleaf and Cookie La Ruse look forward to a working vacation at the newly opened resort, Huis van Dromen.

Situated on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, Huis van Dromen or House of Dreams seems like an ideal gig for the drag queens.

But murder soon raises its ugly head, threatening to close down the exclusive retreat recently opened by Autumn’s friend, Bunty Wulf.

Calling once again on the assistance of handsome Detective Zach Baker, the queens soon find themselves on the hunt once again, realizing that even in paradise, danger lurks behind every corner.


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