Ivan’s Tests

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A novel full of city life adventures, comic books, friends, and new experiences, for ages 8 to 12 years or to enjoy in the family.

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Author:Celso Montemar

Ivan is ten years old. He is moving to the city of Santiago, Chile, where he will try coping with the separation of his parents.

At his new school, Ivan meets friends and lives new adventures that give him the strength to face his family problems. For example, Ivan meets Javier, a classmate from fifth grade who tells him about a group of brave boys in the school: Club 1. But, to be part of the club, Ivan must pass tests that call for audacity and craftiness.

To achieve this, he is inspired by the comic book The Warrior of the Night , which depicts a brave character that his grandpa Serapio admires. While Ivan tries to fix his conflicts as son and student, he also seeks to decipher the questions from the comic series: Is the Warrior a real hero or is he yet another crazy idea of his grandfather Serapio? If the Warrior were real, could he be connected to the gym teacher at school, or even to Serapio himself?

Do Ivan and the Warrior have the same protector, God? Join Ivan to reveal these and other questions, on a story full of adventures, comic books, friends, and new experiences.

Ivan’s Tests is a novel for ages 8 to 12 years. However, it is a book about children and family that can be enjoyed by all ages.


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