Shanghai Sin

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A beautiful homicide detective in Shanghai matches wits against a sultry serial killer terrorizing China.

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Author:Max Gunssler

Sin Sin Zhen is the sultriest seductress in all of China. She is also the world’s most prolific serial killer.

Every day, she decapitates a citizen of Shanghai. The police close in on the vixen and Detective Bingbing Mi is on the verge of capturing her.

The beautiful detective will be humiliated by her own squad just prior to arresting Sin Sin. Now Bingbing Mi will be strung up and exploited by corrupt forces within the Shanghai Municipal Police. As the nubile detective is prepped for an evil rite, perpetuated by Satanic forces in her own department, Sin SIn Zhen moves in to rescue her.

Now Bingbing and Sin Sin are pitted against the highest levels of corruption in the Chinese government, Shanghai’s most lethal criminal organization, and a Satanic cult bent on the sacrifice of beautiful women. The cop and the killer will have to work together to survive this evil that threatens to conquer all of China.


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