The Call of the Triple Spiral

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Stressed-out single mother Carol meets Tilda, who’s travelled from 5,000 years in the past, to lead her on a journey of awakening.

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Author:Lisa Saffron

What would a woman living five thousand years ago make of life in the 21st century?

What could a modern woman learn from a Neolithic Wisdom Keeper? A visit to the Newgrange monument in Ireland, a stone monument built before Stonehenge, sparked the idea to write a novel exploring these questions.

The Call of the Triple Spiral is a story about a woman’s awakening to a life of balance, love and connection guided by a time-travelling Wisdom Keeper who arrives with a mission.

The Wisdom Keeper is instructed by her spirit guide: “You are to go to a time far in the future where the people have fallen into a deep sleep. These future people have lost their way. They have fallen out of balance with Nature. They have forgotten who they are. They need to be awakened.”

This is a story of personal transformation through family, romantic and friendship relationships from the perspectives of two very different women – Carol, a single mother living in modern-day England and Tilda, an awakened master from Neolithic Ireland.

The genre is a cross between a love story, a family drama and magical realism giving a personal insight into the social and spiritual issues of our times. It is 84,400 words long and is self-published.

Available as paperback and ebook.


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