The Origin of the Exiled Rogue

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The Host reveals details about his origin which defies the laws of the universe and shatters the core beliefs held by humankind.

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Author:Sandeep Adnani

The year is 1939

The Host made his first trip to Planet Earth, realising a truth about the human species which sparks a movement back on his home planet, forcing him to turn rogue and be exiled.

A century later…

The Host shares his experiences of Planet Mother, a serene and beautiful place, where beings communicate via thought and can manifest anything at will.

What follows is a journey that defies the laws of the universe, shatters our core beliefs, and answers questions mankind has struggled with since time immemorial.

Join Zhang Wei, Matthew, Tristan, Aurora, Maya, and Sid as they navigate through truths untold and worlds unexplored. The only thing they can trust, to guide them through their expedition, are the CODES.

The Origin of the Exiled Rogue will change your perspective of life as you knew it!


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