The Three Year Pond and Other Absurdities

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How I survive all that goes wrong and come out stronger.

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Author:Simon Pollard

Wildlife and garden expert Simon Pollard, Director of Simple Life, writes a heartfelt and honest account of a three year period in his life. Simon shares how he nearly lost his business, but built it back up with much stronger foundations, talks about his divorce and becoming a single parent and discovered the lady who was to become his new wife, was already playing an increasingly important part already. He openly discusses how these events led him to change his thinking, direction and approach to life and gives you advice on how to do the same.

Ultimately, the underlying theme of the book is that taking responsibility for every part of your life and the consequences of everything you do is the key to happiness and self fulfilment.

The book also includes practical gardening tips to create a sanctuary in your own garden; an important component of that happiness.


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