Learning to Unlearn

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This is a book that looks at that which has created and sustained the disconnect between who we are, and that which we have been searching for the whole time.

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Author:Adam Fujita

Whether we know it or not, we are disconnected and searching more than ever. ‘Learning to Unlearn’ traverses observations and perspectives regarding the human condition; how culture, technology, and conventional norms are feeding the dis-integration of who we have become, and who we actually are.

We all have this gift, this desire that connects us to something far larger; and sharing our gift from this generative foundation only adds to the richness of our narrative.

It is Adam’s hope that this book gives us the opportunity to deconstruct biases and conventional norms that are enveloping our truer essence, so that we may rediscover that we have what we have been searching for the whole time.

The process of integration is just that: A continual ongoing ever-becoming participation in the natural rhythm of our universe and universal essence. And we have the opportunity to start Learning to Unlearn…

‘Learning to Unlearn’ takes readers through the observations of:

The ego, loyal solider, and persona via connections through the enneagram.

How a religious narrative can be co-opted to produce a people who feel less than, excluded, and needing to produce in order to be validated, accepted, and fulfilled.

The false narrative of the success ladder, and its connection to how we are taught to exploit and mis-use or gifts as a means to prove our identity and earn our belonging.

How we have reduced the greater truths of life to tangible concepts and winnable games and prizes.

The expansive human consciousness – through explorations of spiral dynamics.

How technology and media shape our thought processes, expectations, habits, and desires.

The constraints of conventional constructs –

Intertwining with the narrative of a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Ultra-Marathon Competitor’s climbing, struggles, successes, and failure within all of the aforementioned –

Written through a combination of prose and poetry,
Readers are invited to see beyond the disruption and disconnect
To rediscover the truer nature of who they are and
To reconnect to the joyful, integrated beings they have been the whole time.


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