The Water Girl

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A gruesome encounter evokes a forgotten family legend…disabled architect Ursula finds herself pursued and threatened after receiving a letter from her dead mother.

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Author:Alex Mcloughlin

It starts with a letter from the dead…

Confined to a wheelchair since childhood, Ursula is independent and successful. A letter from her supposedly dead mother, draws her into a series of strange and frightening events that challenge everything she knows.

Adam is seriously ill and the doctors can’t help him, whilst at the hospital he meets Ursula, under horrifying circumstances and discovers over time that this strange disabled girl might offer a cure, but at what cost?

Cal’s life of pure evil has become predictable and dull. In conjuring a new plot to relieve the monotony, he notices an odd young couple with some unique problems, more interestingly, they are a puzzle he’s driven to solve.

Ursula must face her darkest fears and uncover the mystery surrounding the mother she barely knew.


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