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A journalist learns more than he bargained for researching to write a book on Terrorism.

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Author:Joseph Lenard

Terror Strikes is not just a book, but a book within a book as the lead Marten, a newspaper man, if writing a book about terrorism titled: Terrorist Tracks.

If is also a (new/innovative) blog within a book, as Marten uses his blog as some source material. Terror Strikes not only acts as a history lesson and worry, as it is Historical Fiction, but concepts of not just those lost but Survivors Guilt and other related issues surrounding violent acts effecting everyday life.

2 reviews for Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!

  1. Joseph M Lenard (aka: @JLenardDetroit)

    I am the Author providing some additional insights behind/into the Book….

    I (Author: Joseph M. Lenard) put the traditional “formulaic writing guidelines” through the shredder for a book like no other…

    Despite the Title, this is NOT just about Terrorism but a host of related sub-themes that tie-together into the big-picture. Again, despite the Title, I like to say this is NOT a book about Death but of Life (and Living) and those (both foreign and domestic) that would try to deprive you of Life, Liberty, and/or Pursuit of Happiness.

    Joseph M Lenard and Terror Strikes book affiliated with…
    the Authors Show, Books Connection, Buy Michigan Now, Illumify Media / McHenry Press, Kreative Circle, Mammoth Nation, PSI-TV.

  2. P J Eisenhower

    I heard the author on a podcast and mentioned there was somehow a baseball thread in the book. I love baseball so was curious and checked it out. I had forgotten the whole Bush first pitch at the MLB Playoff game to get the Nation back to any sense of normalcy following 9.11. I thought that I’d be disappointed as I wasn’t seeing any further ties until – BAM, he hit a home-run with the final chapter.

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