The Jesus Nut

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A reviled professor, a delusional homeless man, and a priest far too familiar with sin embark on an epic pilgrimage to discover truth–and, in the end, find themselves.

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Author:John Prather

The Jesus Nut tells the parallel stories of three unlikely pilgrims―a professor of religion who does not believe in God, a homeless veteran convinced he’s the Second Coming, and a priest who loves strip clubs―searching for the greatest religious relic of the 21st century. Thrown together after a raucous showdown with evangelists, they decide to ignore their differences and work as a team in pursuit of their holy purpose. Their journey to New York City leads to a fateful encounter with a former advertising executive, whose mad ramblings suggest he might be the very oracle to help them fulfill their destiny.

A quirky, subversive novel that addresses timely issues (including PTSD, gender roles, sexual orientation, dysfunctional families, and priestly celibacy) and lampoons evangelical hypocrisy, The Jesus Nut ultimately reveals itself to be a story of second chances and agape love. Along the way, you’ll meet self-righteous academics, a curious and ambitious stripper, a farmer with a remarkable peanut, a trucker fascinated by the constellations, a profane church maintenance crew, and more. Prepare for an irreverent quest which will remind you of the value of friends and the miraculous power of faith.

Winner of the American Writing Awards BEST BOOKS OF 2021 for religious fiction and currently long-listed for the Mark Twain Humor and Satire Award … but it’s so much more.


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