The Watcher and The Friend

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Thirteen-year-old Thomas develops a powerful connection with the mysterious, starry-haired Clara, but will this be enough to help them save the parallel world of Georgian Yngerlande from a brutal takeover?

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Author:Robert Barron

Thirteen -year old Thomas Trelawney thinks he will never get over the death of his sister Grace. When he is plunged into the parallel world of eighteenth-century Yngerlande and tasked with saving their tolerant, diverse world from a brutal takeover, using powers he never knew he possessed, he can start to forget and move on.

But who is the secretive, hooded girl who arrives to help him, leaving a trail of stars and mystery in her wake?

Fans of Harry Potter, His Dark Materials and Orphans of the Tide will love this exciting, fast-paced adventure story with its echoes of Narnia and a passage to another, strangely familiar, world.


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