We Gather

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The first installment of a new epic fantasy series.

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Author:MC Burnell

Sathriel spent the last nine years in exile, searching for the answer to the ancient mystery how and why the empire lost its magic 1000 years ago.

He’s finally found a sorcerer, and the repercussions will reach far beyond Barracheh’s borders. It’s a force they no longer know how to control, and other powers reawaken with it.

The enmity of foreign gods, secrets about Barracheh’s origins, and a cult that will do anything to stop anyone associated with the pyramids. The only one who understands what’s coming is the foreign witch who helped his quest succeed. She wants to make amends by averting the apocalypse, but first she has to unite a band of heroes from all corners and all callings.

The tough part is they’re mostly enemies, especially Sathriel and his brother, the emperor.


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