Blue Rebels: The Boy With The Weird Hair

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A simple taekwondo match suddenly turns dangerous for a young boy with weird hair.

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Author:Zion Ingram

The planet has forever changed due to an unexpected meteor slamming into it, causing the environment, the animals and even people to become altered and distorted.

A group called Teramfia uses minerals from the meteor to give people different incredible powers, and cures. Luckily Teramfia is in control of everything after a horrific war for control of the meteors powers. They vow that they will make the world a better and safer place, but do they truly want what’s best for humankind?

A strong-willed boy named Bosco isn’t so sure. But why? Bosco is about to be forced to see first-hand how ambiguous the world he lives in really is, after a simple practice bout at his Taekwondo school turns dangerous…


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