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In a world focused on saving the planet, a determined young girl burns with desire to make a difference.

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Author:A-M Mawhiney
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Racism, climate change, and violence are in the past. But are there secrets lurking in the shadows of Land of Hope? What truth about the past is being covered up.

When fifteen-year-old Fania returns from Immersion, she is shattered to learn that the next phase of her education is at home with Alicia, her granny. She had hoped for something far grander that would prepare her for an important role with the Earth Project. Their two strong personalities clash as Fania begins to learn more about the past and her family’s role in it.

As Fania grows in confidence and power, she starts to wonder exactly what secrets Alicia is keeping in her underground lab. After Fania discovers the truth, she finds her calling: one that has the power to change everything.


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