Blight Crossing (SoulsRealm Book 1)

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A stranger becomes involved with a local community and becomes embroiled in a global conflict.

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Author:D Avraham

Sword & Sorcery has a new name – BLIGHT

He came from across the uncrossable wastelands. A stranger with no memory and no past. Known only as Blight, the mountain of a man finds his place doing manual labor around a simple farm. But not knowing your past doesn’t mean you don’t have one, and as Blight’s physical and combat prowess are tested and proven, he catches the attention of important people, people who remember a mighty warrior whose role in the empire’s wars was far from forgettable.

Like a slow-burning fuse that makes its way to the explosion you know is coming, Blight Crossing introduces you to a simple man whose life gets more and more complicated with each chapter, until everything is revealed in stunning fashion.


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