A Twist of Starlight

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Warm and funny fantasy about family and an age-old bond between true friends.

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Author:Betty Valentine

David Freeman, a young doctor, comes home to Wales after a failed relationship in America. He arrives on the doorstep to find that his widowed father Jon, and friends old Hugh a drinker, tiny Bernie a gambler, and enormous Marc a lover of fair ladies have just gone camping up the mountain. Between them, along with Bernie’s wife Molly they helped to raise him after his mother died when he was a baby.

He sets off to find them, the people he loves most in the world. Over the course of a weekend up the mountain his entire life changes as secrets are revealed and he discovers that the people he thought he knew are in fact somebody else. Five of them start the weekend, by Monday morning two of them are out of this world, one is out of the closet and two are almost out of their minds.


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