Jason Anthony Sturgess wrote “How to Reduce Your Risk of Covid Exposure: For People That Would Rather Be Safe Than Sorry and Survive the End of the World” because he couldn’t find one single Straightforward Realistic Politically Incorrect Covid Information Book in plain English.

Jason Anthony Sturges, was brought up in Jackson Heights, Queens, where people were straightforward and politically incorrect like Jason’s writing style. Incredibly Jason’s first crush as a kid was a preteen Mercedes Rheul before she became an Academy Award Actress as her mother was Jason’s first grade teacher and Mercedes occassionally helped her mother in the Classroom.

Jason has a BA in English from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA in Accounting from Columbia University. Jason’s main interests are Rock and Blues music from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies – he actually produced big name English Rock Musicians when he lived in London in the 1990’s despite not being able to play a musical instrument, sing or keep a beat! Jason loves sports, reading, relaxing, Chicago and NY Pizza.