Being MacKinley

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Percy and Peter find out that being a target again is worse the second time around!

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Author:Angie Lasher

It never really amazes Percy the things that are thrown into her life. She thought being a cop was crazy. She thought marrying a man only having known him less than a week was insane.

A six-week honeymoon all over Europe was absolutely bonkers, and she was quite happy to be back stateside and about to get back into her normal cop routine. But when Peter is called away for a two day business trip to L.A. to find a missing associate, Percy agrees to work some cold cases for the department, to ease herself back into the groove. As she gets ready to go home for the night, she is ambushed in the parking lot of the local donut shop.

Once again she finds herself thrust into a vampire community plot, but this time – her very immortality is hanging in the balance. Percy and Peter retrace the last few weeks of their honeymoon to find and confront the vampires who believe they should be the living embodiment of gods on earth.


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