Biron The Bee Who Couldn’t

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A spritely little bee is convinced he’s destined for more than making honey––but is having trouble convincing others of the same.

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Author:Gregg McBride

Biron the bee isn’t sure he wants to be like the rest of the bees in his hive. But he doesn’t know what he would be good at besides making honey. Thus begins the delightful adventures of a sprightly little bee with a big imagination. When all of Biron’s exciting ideas are discouraged, he wonders if any of his dreams “as big as the sky” can come true.

His amusing exploits take him from honey homes to spaceships with wings, until he’s finally reminded of the importance of believing in himself―”there’s no one but you who can get in your way.”

Written in an easy-to-understand, rhythmic and whimsical style that’s accompanied by bright colorful illustrations, this collectible children’s book’s gentle reminder to never set limits on yourself makes it a wonderful gift for children of all ages (including adults who might also need a little reminding that they’re never too old to dream big and reach for the stars).


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