How To Write A Novel In 6 Months: A published author’s guide to writing a 50,000-word book in 24 weeks

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Author:Thomas Emson

Have you always dreamed of writing a novel?
Are you worried that you can’t do it because you’re too busy?
Is it something you really want to do, but you’re not sure how to go about it?

This book will show you how.

It will help make your dream a reality. If you follow its guidelines, and stick to the advice it contains, you will finish your novel in six months.

Thomas Emson is a prolific author. Eight of his horror novels have been published by Snowbooks. They include the werewolf thriller Maneater, The Vampire Trinity (Skarlet, Krimson and Kardinal), and Pariah, the Jack the Ripper novel recently published in the USA by Tantor Media.

As part of his agreement with his publisher, Thomas wrote two novels a year – one book every six months. He knows what it takes. He knows how to do it. And he’s going to tell you how to do it, too.

In this no-nonsense guide, you will learn:

How you can write a novel without letting it take over your life
Where to get your ideas and how to develop them
How to structure your novel using scenes and sequences
Why you don’t have to write every day to finish your novel in just 6 months
How to make sure you finish your book
And a whole host of writing advice that will ensure you fulfil your ambition of writing a novel

The book also includes extracts from the outlines of Thomas’ novels Skarlet and Zombie Britannica that will help you develop your own.

This is an invaluable guide for those of you who want to write a novel, and also for many who may have already been published once, and who are struggling with book two.

If you want to write a novel, this is the book for you. Also available now is the Workbook that accompanies this guidebook, and it contains templates, progress grids, tips and tricks, and plenty of pages for your to start writing your novel.


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