Magenta Fleurs

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College students read Shakespeare’s To Be or Not To Be while 1984 paints a canvas in the swamp as Miss 007 solves mysteries.

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Author:Caroline Clemens

Kristan sets off to college and meets new friends amidst a whole new world.

Simultaneously missing her mother she embarks upon her future with classes, Shakespeare, sonnets, old loves and new friends. By Christmas break her world takes a new direction and with help from strangers she meets a fate almost destined for this worldly young girl. Her friends Scarlet and Jeremy begin to date in Savannah while a trip to an island bares a story no one saw coming. How delightful!

This is a man and women’s fiction read with tragic elements, romance, and even cybercrime. A perfect summer read with the magic of many feels as your heart repeatedly reels again and again. Learn about a colorless color. Try an indie author today!


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