Mechanical Error

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An android serial killer is on the loose in the City, and two hard-bitten detectives need to solve the case before more people go up in flames.

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Author:Tobias Cabral

A string of bizarre murders across New Cyber City: for Earth Corps agent Charlotte McCain that should have been just another day at the office. But this case felt different. It wasn’t just people inexplicably exploding; Weird was her business. This one was hitting nerves she’d worked hard to numb. That irritated her almost as much as partnering up with brilliant but troubled agent Tom Murdoch to solve the mystery before more people went up in flames.

Meanwhile, a rogue android with a dark history took to the stage, delighting audiences who never guessed the terrifying Mission he pursued, in the shadows beyond the spotlight…

Mechanical Error is a thrilling introspective Post-Cyberpunk Detective story, set in a sprawling dystopian near future.

Also included: BLANK CHECK, a Cyberpunk novelette that follows eccentric genius John Rutledge on a Tropical adventure he never asked for.


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