Simple Herbal Remedies: Return to the Olde Ways

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Return to the olde ways with simple herbal remedies.

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Author:Pamela Ackerson
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This book is for those of you who are fed up, have looked at your life and your loved ones, and realized that the quick fix is no longer working.

Simple Herbal Remedies is a book for simple problems with easy remedies. It’s for people who are just starting out with herbs and natural healing; a learning book for those who have wanted to know what is good for common ailments.

Simple herbs are inexpensive and natural. If you’ve got a green thumb, you can grow your own.

Many of the herbs and spices are at your fingertips, readily available in your spice cabinet. Return to the Olde Ways and see how the Earth’s plants can take care of you, nature’s gentle medicine for a happier, healthier life.

Welcome to the world of natural herbs!


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