Trust me On This One, Emily

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Medical fiction exploring the thalidomide scandal of the 1960s. It offers a mix of medicine, law and family drama

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Author:Kathryn Barnett

When Emily’s morning sickness is not eased through homoeopathy, and desperate to finish writing her first novel before the birth of her child, she is persuaded by her husband Laurence to try thalidomide to ease her symptoms, blissfully unaware of the devastating effects on her unborn baby.

Abandoned by Laurence, Emily flees with her baby to her parents’ house on Regency Square, Brighton, where she is persuaded to follow her parents’ ideas on alternative medicine. Gradually, she starts to believe that despite her son’s disability, he could still live a full life. Then, she befriends Sylvia and Chris, parents of a similarly affected daughter, and the long battle for compensation from Distillers begins.


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