Vast: 57 Seconds

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This is an action-packed, suspenseful, speculative science fiction thriller about a family torn apart by greed and malice.

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Author:Theresa Mueller

This is the story of a family torn apart by time and distance.

They’re fighting an unseen enemy which has insidiously taken over the world; a world which is now ruled by police and politicians.

Humanity has been corrupted by an evil plague which is used by an all-powerful, elite group to control everyone; everything. The world has taken on a superficial normalcy, but underneath the surface lurks malevolence.

As humanity has become proficient in space travel, there is much to be discovered and to be had in the solar system, and greed takes hold. This family may have had something to do with what the world has become, but they didn’t understand before.

Now they have to fight the most powerful regime the Earth has ever known to find each other and put things right, but their own guilt may be what finally defeats them.

The line between heroes and enemies is obscured, and as the war for people’s hearts and minds ensues the fate of humanity in the early twenty-first century rests in the hands of just a few.


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