Black Earth – How We Got Here

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Vanta Black planet discovered closely trailing Earth; what truths does it hold?

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Author:Michael Cook

It’s late September 2019 when a young astronomer working at the Haleakala Space Observatory in Maui, Hawaii, accidentally spots a black dot in the night sky that is occulting the stars that lie behind it. The Earth-sized black sphere is in our solar system, is calculated to be closely trailing Earth by only seventy-five million miles…and is on the same ecliptic plane.

Carrick’s father died before he was born. His entire life has been an endless journey to find what was missing; to somehow fill the void in his heart by studying the black void of space. Now it seems that every decision he ever made was leading him to the dark menace closely trailing Earth.

Erik has been alone in The Triad for seventy-five years. Studying his planet’s history has brought him to one inevitable conclusion: mankind’s greatest flaw is its inability to learn from its past mistakes.

What happens next will bridge the planetary gap between Earth and Zenith; life and death; time and space; and will result in a heartbreaking story of love, family, and the true nature of mankind’s past, present, and future.


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