Choose to Heal

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Take control of your own health and renew hope, restore health, and increase quality of life through nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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Author:Karen Kibbey

Education is empowerment.

This holistic health book takes its readers on a journey through nutrition, lifestyle, and environment through the eyes of science and possibilities.

“Choose to Heal,” renews hope in natural healing and empowers its readers to achieve optimum health and healing naturally through contemporary education, motivational tools, and measureable results.

We are the CEOs of our own health! Take charge today and increase quality of life tomorrow!

This nutritional science book also addresses new research and discoveries. What is a phytochemical? What is phytotherapy? What is a pseudo-carbohydrate? What is the R&R factor? What are the P vitamins? “Choose to Heal – Overcome viruses, disease, and fatigue,” also includes results from an original epidemiological health study survey completed by baby boomers across small town USA from California to Maine.

This author’s personal experience with overcoming disease through nutrition and lifestyle choices is the motivational factor behind writing this book.

I want to help as many people as possible to improve health and quality of life by applying the principles in “Choose to Heal.”


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