Genealogy Lesson for the Laity

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Genealogy Lesson for the Laity offers a spiritual-based collection of poems that comments on social issues, prejudice, war, and peace with an eye to exploring generational contrasts in experience and perspective.

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Author:Cathryn Shea

In ‘Genealogy Lesson for the Laity’, the poet explores the essential elements of history, family, motherhood, ancestry, and all the layers in between. The poems in this collection are a delight and remind of us what is vital for a fulfilling life. The work in this book discovers the beauties of the falls of Idaho, the sacred history of trees, bookmarks for maps of the world, and all the epiphanies in between. The poet’s images and language traverse through the journey of the body and tells us how to stay whole in the midst of waiting rooms and bone density scans. When “every pothole is a wound” this collection shows us that “grace is a funny color that streaks through the curtains.”


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