Naughty Girl

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A life lived on her back, on her knees and, on one memorable occasion, hanging upside down.

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Author:Arabella Aristo

The memoirs of a ‘naughty girl’, from teen temptress to a pensioner who is growing old disgracefully.

Arabella Aristo takes us through the story of her rip-roaring life from the loss (more like abandonment) of her virginity to her involuntary slide into retirement thanks to the arrival of Covid-19. All the highs and lows of being a ‘naughty girl’ are told with wry, self-deprecating good humour. Above all it’s told with lots of sex and bad language, so don’t write and complain, because you have been warned.

More explicit than Fanny Hill, more daring than the Happy Hooker (look it up), this book will make your jaw drop and your eyes widen as Arabella, the Naughty Girl, takes you on a guided tour of her life of sin.


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