Three In A Bed

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Three modern morality tales – the moral being ‘don’t be immoral’.

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Author:Arabella Aristo

Three stories – three murders – or maybe even more. Arabella Aristo returns with three tales of naughty people doing naughty things and then ending up dead.

Each novella-length story is self-contained. “Moving Pictures” takes a peek behind the curtains of the blue movie industry. “My Favourite Auntie” features Allan Gillespie, a corporate fixer, as he returns home to find his old friend and first lover has been murdered. Finally, in “Meet The Doggers” we find out that there are unanticipated risks to having an exciting sex life.

As well as having murders to solve, we get a healthy dose of Arabella’s steamy prose as all the participants discover new things about themselves and others.


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