The Hunter’s Story by Orion

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My memoir as Orion the Hunter – how I lived and loved in Ancient Greece, why I was banished to outer space, and what happened next.

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Author:Andy Oppenheimer

I am Orion.

You know me as a magnificent constellation: a giant hunter etched in the cosmos.

For centuries, scholars and poets have told of my legend.

Now it’s time to tell you my version.

My Hunter’s Story.

I have captivated astronomers and stargazers for generations. The three perfectly aligned stars on my Belt mark the winter night skies.

I was the handsomest of the earthborn. The greatest hunter of my time.

I made love to dozens of women.

I had no gods, no masters. Or so I thought.

Now you can read about my rampant life on Earth.

How I lived and loved in Ancient Greece.

How the hunter became the hunted.

Why I was banished to the eternal purgatory of outer space.

And what happened next…

The Hunter’s Story by Orion is a raunchy, rollercoaster ride of love, lust, longing and loss and dark romance with a mind-blowing finale.
Contains explicit content: 18+ ADULTS ONLY


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