ElleVentures: The Party

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Elle and Ian had always talked openly about their fantasies and desires, but Elle never dreamed he would try to make all of her secret fantasies come true in one night – and then he introduced her to Carrie, his new girlfriend.

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Author:Elle Vanzel

Elle is a happily married artist with a naughty streak and a rich fantasy life. Her husband, Ian, takes her to a party where virtually all of her fantasies can play out.

“You’re mine tonight. I get to do anything with you I want. And what I want is for you to be a good little party favor. This is my biggest charity event, and the people inside are willing to drop big bucks to help. But they expect something for it – something special. And I expect you to deliver.”

Elle always said she wanted it all, but is it more than she can handle?

Join Elle as she explores her deepest desires and experiences moments that take her beyond her wildest fantasies…and make her realize who she really is.

This is the first novelette in the ElleVentures series by Elle Vanzel.


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