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Just because she once sold her body, it doesn’t mean that Gavin Garvey can just take it because he wants it.

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Author:Arabella Aristo

After years as a Working Girl, Ritu decides to go legit.

Ritu finds true love at last and she decides that it’s time to give up her life as a working girl and go into full-time study to become a lawyer. Yes, even she is surprised by the decision. But going to college full-time doesn’t stop her from being attractive to the opposite sex (or even her own sex) and sometimes there are men who just can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. This refusal to admit defeat brings terror to Ritu and death and danger to those around her.

Can Ritu escape from her stalker? Can she prevent her friends from being harmed? Find out in this thrilling new novel from the author of “Naughty Girl!”.


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