Organic To The Core: Transform Your Business With The Six Principles Of Organic

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“If you want to align your company, your brand, and your products with an authentic organic future—while optimizing growth and revenue—Organic to the Core is the pragmatic, detailed guide you’ve been looking for.”


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Author:Donald Nordeng

Do you need to increase repeat sales? Do you wonder why other customers do not buy your products at all? Have you invested in certification, but it does not seem to help?

This book helps you understand why you are experiencing results far below your sales potential. And it shows you how to become the brand your customers love and tell their friends about.

This book will give you a step by step plan to help you:

Attract and keep customers by connecting them with the larger community
Craft authentic products that do what they say they will do and delight customers
Increase profitability by connecting your brand to the community and the environment

Thriving businesses are so much more than just “hello” and a goodbye. When you create a brand that resonates deeply with your customers and offer products they want and need, they will keep coming back and help you grow.

And it is easier than you think. Organic to the Core shows you how.


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