Origins: A MacKinley Vampires Novel

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Origins is the story of intersection between the supernatural, and the forces that surround the lives that cross the line between life and death.

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Author:Angie Lasher

Two people from two totally different backgrounds, both destined for the same future.

Percy was a woman who had spent the whole of her life trying to escape her past, and trying to make a life for herself. A family illness brought her back into her family, and forced her into a life she had wanted no part of. Making the best of her circumstances was a thing Percy could always count on. And here she was, in her forties, two fresh diploma’s from college in hand, about to realize her lifelong passion of being a forensic photographer and member of a CSI division that was praised for its work throughout Southern Florida.

Peter was a man who had an idyllic life until his teen years. He always had a path and his eye set on his goal, to teach those who were looked upon with the same disdain it appeared his father looked at him with. He made a difference at the High School he taught. Kids lined up to take his classes. He was young, handsome and respected within his adopted community. When the same illness fell on him, that had taken his mother’s life, he was prepared to pass peacefully into the sands of time (after a period of partying and living it up, that is).

One man, Marcus Kronos would affect their lives in ways neither of them would ever fully comprehend.


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