Saint Peter’s Gate: Path of Darkness

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Ember, a young hunter demon whose task it is to retrieve the darkest of human souls is pulled into a timeless struggle between good and evil, and discovers a dark and terrible truth about her past.

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Author:Fran Comesanas

Bitter and resentful toward humanity because of her past life, a ruthless hunter demon tracks and claims the souls of her human victims, offering them nothing but terror and death.

As her career as a hunter progresses, she discovers that a rogue demon is hatching a diabolical plot to raise an army of demons to take control of Saint Peter’s Gate to usurp power. As the hunter begins to discover more about her past, she finds out that the rogue demon is responsible for her family’s death.

Will the knowledge of what really happened to her family change her feelings about humanity, or will she be dragged into darkness, consumed by her constant contact with the damned souls she harvests?


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