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You have never imagined a creature like this one.

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Author:Daniel Harry

A young girl lies brutally murdered next to her car at a mall in Livingston, Texas.

Bob Hardy watches the story on the late-night news and receives a call from his friend Archie Jenkins, who is also a Livingston Detective, with information about the slaying.

The method of the girl’s homicide is terribly similar to the way Bob’s wife and six other victims died five years earlier. Across town, the newscast has also stirred a dread in the elders of the Kabano Indian Tribe and their medicine man, Two Dogs LeBeouf.

They believe an ancient monster has re-awakened, and they must find a way to destroy it before it turns its evil attention toward them. An American Indian mythical monster of the Southeastern US tribes has awakened in our modern times.

The creature is awakened by a rare meteorological event and has discovered an egress point from its earthly lair to its prey through one of the most common devices used by humans.


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