Fragments of Fear: Collection

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A collection of short horror stories.

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Author:Michael Kelso

“Eva’s curiosity held her hostage, dragging her to find the source of the haunting song that wafted through the forest. In her eleven years of life, she had never heard anything so beautiful yet tinged with such sadness.” – Siren song

“I hold the candle in front of me as I creep down the hallway. The flickering light causes shadows to jump all around like a hoard of evil spirits.” – Haunted

“Frozen by fear, the darkness envelopes me. I feel its physical presence pressing down on me, crushing me.” – Invader

These are just a few of the short stories that lie in wait to fuel your nightmares in this book. Over six dozen stories in all. Each one carefully crafted to mortify, mystify, and mesmerize. Listen for the quiet sounds of an uninvited guest. Feel the fear creep up your neck like a spider. Shiver at the chills that haunt you in your warmest room. Will you open the first page and step into this land of tiny tormented tales?


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