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Jayde’s summer takes a bizarre turn when her new boyfriend reveals he can turn into a cat. What else is he hiding?

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Author:S.K. Kelley

Jayde Palmer considers herself a typical college student, but life is messy.

The day before her 19th birthday, a chance meeting with a beautiful young man named Ice Monroe disrupts Jayde’s plans for a quiet, relaxing summer. She assumes he’s too good to be true—until he calls. Jayde takes the bait, and things go well at first, but the relationship takes a bizarre turn when Ice drops a bombshell secret:
He is a magical human-feline shapeshifter, known as an immortal.

As Jayde comes to terms with the existence of immortals and struggles to work out Ice’s true intentions in dating her, a series of unexpected and uncomfortable encounters with a figure from his past leave Jayde increasingly unsure who she can trust or what she should do next.

Even so, it’s clear that something is wrong, and she may have no choice but to act on instinct.

Sidetracked is part one of a four-part series about dark secrets, difficult decisions, strange dreams, a secret government program, and mental illness.

With cats and a little bit of magic!

Genre: new adult, urban fantasy, psychological drama with slice of life, romance, and thriller elements
Length: approx. 127,000 words

Content Warning: As a series, Sidetracked explores various sensitive topics and themes—including references to suicide, toxic relationships, abusive behaviors, emotional/physical trauma, physical violence and injury, and hospitalization. (Sidetracked contains NO sexual violence.)


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