Undue Influences

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An extraordinary man discovers that the average American is not in control of their own thoughts, but are being manipulated by nefarious forces guiding them to follow extremist views and actions.

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Author:Debra E Blaine MD

The story follows Russell Vaderman, a genius architect whose unique mental faculties lead him to a disturbing revelation about who—and what—is controlling the United States and its citizens.

As a toddler in the Northern Peruvian Andes, Russell was subjected to a mind-altering drug which gave him the tools to break open the brainwashing process of the modern era, but he has no memory of this except in dreams.

As an adult, Russell’s life is turned upside down when his nephew falls victim to a bout of amnesia from which he emerges covered in blood. In order to understand what has happened, Russell embarks on a journey that leads him to a revelation of the villainous forces at work in society, emanating from the level of our own government; and once he gains that knowledge, his life and the lives of his family become forfeit.


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