Sleeping with the Gasman

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Sleeping with the Gasman describes in layperson’s language the process of anaesthesia and who, what is an anaesthetist.

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Author:Jazz Pal-Kerr

Sleeping with the Gasman is a book written by an ex consultant anaesthetist. It is written in layperson’s language so all can understand the text. The inspiration for the book was that few people know the role of the anaesthetist in hospital. Furthermore , even fewer know what happens during anaesthesia.

The purpose of the book is twofold:

Firstly, patients often meet their anaesthetist the morning of surgery. He arrives behind the curtains like a shady individual. Is he a doctor? Is he a technician? Does he have any medical qualifications at all? Many are not sure.

Secondly: the patient journey from admission to discharge is presented.

This is insightful to patients, particularly the process of general anaesthesia. Many are afraid of this concept because of the loss of conscious control. Further, fear also arises when patients begin thinking whether they will “awake” from the gases. The text also informs about other available procedures.

The editor’s comments were that Sleeping with the Gasman was immersive, compelling, informative and humorous.

Over the years this anaesthetist has been given several labels by patients and others. They are all amusing.

People can discover more from the text.


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