The Plot Against Heaven

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Determined to confront God after the death of his wife, Paul finds himself caught up in the eternal war between heaven and hell.

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Author:Mark Kirkbride

Hell-bent on confronting God after the death of wife Kate, Paul gate-crashes heaven.

With immigration problems and a wall, heaven turns out to be nowhere near as welcoming as expected.

Both heaven and hell are modern, militarized, and the cold war that exists between them is about to heat up, with him in the middle of it.

Caught on the wrong side of heaven, Paul faces an impossible choice if he’s to have any hope of seeing Kate again.

‘Mark Kirkbride’s The Plot Against Heaven is a slick and cunning tale that moves with the speed of a smart, classy thriller; brimming with invention, it conjures up a vision of the afterlife uniquely its own with a smooth economy that never slows its pace.’ Simon Bestwick, author of Tide of Souls


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