A Siren Sings

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When a woman promised to another and an overbearing Captain’s worlds collide, they must destroy all that separates them to find and keep their love.

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Author:Michelle Rosier

Kerri Flannagan is young, beautiful, and a talented healer in 1821 South Carolina. And she is promised to a monster on her fast approaching 18th birthday by a father in the depths of grief and drink. She has been abandoned by all but her faithful dog, who she must now abandon so that he might live. But she is determined to stay the course laid for her, saving whom she can along the way.

Ethan James is a privateer from Jamaica of mixed decent. He has power, family, friends, and wealth. Everything he thought would make his life enjoyable but he has finally grown weary of the women he finds in port towns. He wants more. He wants it all. What he doesn’t want is to be drawn into the snare of a complicated, chaste healer who his first mate has brought aboard his ship.

But when they meet they begin a gripping, playful, and epic journey that encompasses the SE Coast of America, the Florida Keys, and much of the Caribbean as they struggle to secure what each desires. And accept what has been lost.


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