All Hail the Queen

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Drag queens become amateur sleuths to solve the disappearance of a young singer.

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Author:Stephanie Dargon Luce

Autumn Goldleaf, drag queen extraordinaire, has just lost her fiance, mother, and the perfect job as the headliner at Club Mon Cheri. Forced to travel back to her hometown in Wisconsin, Autumn removed the makeup and reassumed the persona of her youth, William, a seemingly average, uninspiring man.

A childhood friend urges Autumn to attend a drag show at Queens nightclub. While most of the club’s entertainers are amateurish at best young singer Misty Haze captures the drag superstar’s attention with his angelic voice and dime-store drag.

When word gets out that Misty is missing, Autumn–along with her best friend and sister queen, Cookie La Ruse — sets off on a dangerous mission to locate the gifted singer. Enlisting the reluctant assistance of handsome detective, Zachary Baker, Autumn and Cookie discover that sometimes it takes talent, nerve, and a fabulous wardrobe to get the job done!


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