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Atropos is a sci-fi mystery that explores the social, economic, and political effects that immortality would have on humanity, with a twist that will leave you reeling.

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Author:John Japuntich

The aftermath of the virus left the world in shambles. The recovery lasted centuries. The plague was so transformative, gifting humanity immortality while simultaneously causing infertility, that it became known as simply the Event.

John Fitzpatrick, retired FBI agent, is consumed with exposing what, or who is behind the Event. As John looks for answers, he must navigate a new world created by the Event, decades of world-wide depression and war, messianic cult leaders, and a meddlesome AI.

Civilization survives the Event depression by uniting under one government. The Federation of Nations is led by a charismatic economist who restructures the world economy to focus on one goal; interstellar colonization. Centuries later, John’s obsession with the cause of the Event leads him to discover the forces behind the Event may threaten the launch of humanity’s first interstellar ship; Atropos and plunge the world back into darkness.


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