Collider (Fracture)

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A failed scientific experiment sets the world on a collision course with destruction and chaos.

A tear in time rips events and people from the past, dropping them into the present! The time travel genre just got turned on its head!

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Author:Richard Warwick

An incredible new take on the classic time-travel story, where past events appear seemingly at random in the modern world, causing governments to crumble, and creating apocalyptic chaos on the streets.

Bombs from the past fall on present day London and Berlin, and tanks roll across Europe. The world is pushed to the brink of a new war, reviving long silenced grievances as events from history play out today. A tear in time moves steadily through the past, wrenching our violent history seemingly at random into the present. History as we know it changes the world around us, creating a dystopia where political conflicts are reignited, diseases cured over a century ago spread unchecked, and society gradually turns on itself. Amidst this chaos, two German soldiers from the Second World War violently fight their way back to the Fatherland from Russia, one with a furious reluctance to accept that the world has moved on, the other desperate to find his home and family.

Their bloody conflict leaves victims from the Russian countryside to the centre of Berlin, where the battle ends on the steps of the Reichstag building, closing the door on a new Reich.Scientists conducting an experiment within a particle accelerator facility in Switzerland quickly realise that an unexpected incident during their first attempt to accelerate a particle to the speed of light may have horrific consequences. As more historical events are dragged into the present, political structures and modern society begin to crumble, with everyday religious beliefs pushed to extremes, humanity’s grip on reality irreparably altered, and the lives of everyone on the planet put at risk.


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