Bathhouse Babylon

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The tell-all book of business and debauchery in the bathhouse world.

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Author:Jameson Farn

A true behind-the-scenes account of the bathhouse world.

Bathhouse Babylon takes you on an observational journey from customer to working up the ranks to the management of three gay sauna establishments and doesn’t hold back.

The book is a no-holds-barred experience that offers readers an insider’s look into a subculture that not everyone in the outside world might be privy to and is absolutely fascinating to be surrounded by at all times.

Since you can’t have a bathhouse without sex, naturally there are numerous unusual and shocking sex stories. Yet it is also written from a sociological point of view and the dynamics that come into play when you are working inside a venue filled with half-naked men in their party mode, including the drugs, money-hungry owners, escorts, celebrities, diversity challenges, business competitors, along with sex addiction, etc.

If you can imagine it, it happens in a bathhouse.


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